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About Us:

Welcome to Blooming and Grooming!  Here's how Blooming and Grooming began its humble beginning...

As the youngest of six children, I was often told to "go out and play" and I didn't have to worry about time unless my stomach told me it was time to go home and eat.  This free time was a blessing in disguise as it spawned my interest and connection with the natural world and Mother Nature.  

Since it was clear to see I had a love for the outdoors, I often begged my Mother to buy a new houseplant so I could nurture and care for it indoors and watch before my very eyes them flourish, and sometimes wilt or struggle for root space, but always hopeful they would continue to live with a little tender loving care and a word or two of praise and thankful they were my natural  "clean air machines."  As I grew older, I was often found attempting to add a little color and life to the base of a "back stoop" in our apartment building.  My Father gave me my very first gardening book....(To be continued)

A childhood dream come true, please join me as a client of Blooming and Grooming's Gardening Services, as individually and collectively, we continue to bloom and groom in this beautiful world of ours!

Blooming and Grooming​